Massage in GZ

Yes, this is me at a massage, with the coworkers.  Super cheap. 150 for 70 min full body massage. I went here 3 days straight.

I am massaged out. haha.


This is where i spend 5 days of the week.  The office is a little bit dingy.  But i like the people! There’s some chinese culture in here, but all in all i dont mind it.

It’s super humid in GZ though.


We haven’t had much good food.  We did visit a german resto.  Ate some sausage.  Drank some beer.

It was good, and relaxing.

Train home

So interesting, last friday the train from GZ to Hung Hom was delayed for 2 hours.  Therefore we decided to take the train from GZ to SZ , and then MTR it back to HK.
Picture above is us in a crowded hallway in the train station.

We left the office at 2PM, i got home at 730.  5.5 hours.  I could’ve been to Beijing and back. lol.

Super love this song. Super love eminem. can’t wait for the album!


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