My opinion of GZ

So, been here for about four days now.  As predicted, didn’t get to do much.  Did go to a massage parlor nearby the hotel though. Amazing. Cheap too. 168RMB for shoulder head neck massage for 60 minutes. blog about that later.

Interesting thing i have noticed with this city though.  I think it’s struggling to find it’s identity.  On one hand it’s a city that is expanding rapidly due to the economic growth in China.  You will find many factories, along with offices of multinational companies setting shop here.  You find starbucks, mcdonald’s, KFC etc etc just about every corner.

It’s a city wanting to be recognized as a international city.

Yet, i am not sure if the habitants of this city agrees with it.

Now, this is not a rant.  I have no issues with people in GZ.

But to be brutally honest.  The people here aren’t very nice. I can’t say all. But compared to HK, Korea, Beijing etc people here tend to be more “me first”.

I think someone traveling here should also be mindful. There is a lot of scams going on.  And these are professionals.  The other day the cab driver managed to switch our one hundred dollar bill to a fake one without us even knowing it.  Or at least thats what i was told.

The air quality is supposedly bad, though i can’t really sense a difference since im living in HK.

I also saw a kid pee in front of a store. twice.

But all isn’t bad.

I, for some reason don’t mind GZ.  As a matter of fact, quite liking it (maybe its the massage ha). Not sure why. Maybe because it’s less crowded than HK.  Less noisy, etc.

Definitely there are improvements to be made here. But..I for sure will come here again.

Anyways, I enjoy GZ.  I will be back.


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  1. It’s a fun place to be if you have time to go around the city. There is actually a lot to see. 🙂

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