Los Angeles


At Universal Studios with the Simpsons

Los Angeles! City of Angels! Visited this city back in 2010. So a very, very long time ago. I will be writing this post based on what I still remember. We drove to LA from Vegas (about 1.5 hour drive). It was very interesting experience in that we had to drive through the desert to reach our final destination. I still remember there was nothing on the road except for dry, hot, red hills.

The best part? The road trip from LV to LA. I remember many laughs in the car. How I miss those times. Anyways, here’s what we did in LA!

Universal Studios


When you go to LA, of course you have to visit the Universal Studios Theme park. I already visited the one in Florida (when I was very, very small) but i remembered the awesome rides there. So I had high expectations for the LA one and it was all met! The rides were all great.

Friendly reminder to those that are thinking of visiting this theme park. Buy the Front of the line pass! This pass allows you to skip the line ups and go straight to the front. It’s more expensive than the regular passes, and there’s only a limited supply so purchase early! We saved so much time during the day as we did not have to line up. It also kicks ass that you can just walk to the front of line while everyone is staring at you (albeit they are giving you the death stare). Definitely recommend that!

I don’t remember what rides we went on, so I am just going to post a picture of one of the rides we went on:




Ok. So IHOP is more of an American thing, not just an LA thing. But I thought I post this as I haven’t really written about this famous breakfast place. To be honest, don’t know what the big deal is. Still don’t know. But here’s a picture of theAh breakfast that I ate:


Jimmy Kimmel


Ah. The highlight of my LA trip. Jimmy Kimmel Live. I love Jimmy Kimmel. He’s probably my favourite late night talk show host. Love his humour. We lined up early for this show just in case there weren’t enough seats. Looking back though, we probably didn’t have to line up that early as there were plenty of seats. The only celebrity that I recall being on was Johnny Knoxville from Jackass. Still a great show. I wish I was able to catch some Jimmy Kimmel here in Hong Kong…sigh.

Joe’s Crab Shack



Yo seriously look at that picture above. This was the second highlight of the LA trip. This meal was absolutely delicious. Definitely recommend those that are in the area to try it out. We basically ate here for 2 hours without talking.. haha. the seafood was really, really fresh. I hope it still is good now =p

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