Welcome to Mumbai!!! This is my second trip to India, and I love this country.

First thing that I noticed is that it’s much easier to get around in Mumbai than New Delhi!!

Did quite a bit already. Here’s a recap of the sites that we visited so far:

Victoria Terminus


Vicotira Terminus – this is where they shot Millionaire Slumdog (if you remember the train scene between the male and female main chracters). Must say, these are some pretty old school trains as you can see from the picture above.


This is the terminus from the outside. Really gorgeous.

Gateway of india


After the terminus we took a taxi to the Gateway of India.

This is one of Mumbai’s most famous monument. It was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary. It’s also located in the waterfront of southern Mumbai that overlooks the Arabian sea. I love the picture above.

Shiva Temple in Babulnath


Afterwards, we visited an Shiva temple. The Hindu God Shiva is one of the primary hindu gods, and is worshipped a lot by it’s followers. It was a nice temple, and learned quite a bit their rituals. Great experience.

Mumbai Beach


To end off a tiring day, the team took down the beaches near the hotel. Not the cleanest beach that I’ve seen so far, to be brutally honest. Nonetheless, it was a nice walk to end the day off.

That’s about it for now. Oh, and it’s super hot here.


[Original Post – November 2013]

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