How Traveling Changed Me (The Bad Habits)

In my last post I talked about the benefits of traveling. Like all things in this world though, when there is a good there is a bad.
Okay maybe bad is not the best word to use. Let’s say traveling definitely has given me some bad habits.


Firstly, due to the constant traveling and change in environments, I find that I get bored really easily. This applies to most aspects of my life. Example? I am currently living in Hong Kong, and I love it here. But after 2 – 3 weeks I find myself in need of a change in environment. Further, If I get really bored of my surroundings if I am not traveling that month. Another example will be me constantly needing to find new items to outfit my flat with. I find my place dull if I don’t have a new piece of furniture, decor or electronics.

Next, and this I guess it not exactly a bad habit is that I am always looking for opportunities to absorb some new knowledge or experience into my life. Being on the road exposes you to different cultures, languages and experiences. Everyday I am hungry for new knowledge and experiences. Although ideally I would like this to happen, it’s just not the same when I am not traveling. I guess there’s something about being in a foreign country, that just opens you up so much more.

Lastly, I have gotten more lazy. Mainly due to the house cleaning services the hotel provides. The feeling of coming to a clean, organized room is unbelievable. I am a pretty messy person, so when I leave my room in the morning, it looks and feels like a tornado hit it. I definitely should take a before and after picture next time.

Despite the points noted above, I still love traveling and won’t give it up for anything in this world. I just thought I should share both sides of the coin.


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