Dhobi Ghat


The infamous Dhobi Ghat, aka the open air laundromat in Mumbai, India. The people that work here are known as Dhobi’s, and they openly wash materials received from hotels and restaurants.

This was an experience in itself, seeing how hard these people were working. You are probably wondering if this method actually is effective in cleaning. From first hand, I can tell they were making sure everything is as clean as it can be. No worries here.

Marine Drive


Afterwards, I headed over the Marine Drive. I simply love this area. You have Mumbai skyline behind you, and nice peace side walk ahead of you. You can see couples walking around, old folks just sitting on the side looking out at the ocean. It’s also quiet and peaceful here. I’ll probably just chill here on Sunday, go for a stroll. Nice to just wind down, and end the last week here right?

Jain Temple


Next stop was the Jain temple. Another very nice temple. There was a festival going on so there was some rituals happening inside the temple. Didn’t really understand half of the rituals, but nonetheless pretty cool.

Hanging Garden

After the Jain temple, I took a taxi all the way to the Hanging Garden. It was just recommended to me, so I thought I give it a try . Here it is:


After walking for about 30 minutes, we ended up in a nice place with an awesome view of Mumbai. Had my fellow tour guide take some stylish pictures of me. hehe.

Side note – I need to buy more tshirts, seems like i wear the same Boston Red Sox shirt everyday.


Gandhi House

I am not a big fan of museums. But this stop was very informative and I got a lot out of it. Obviously learned a bit about Gandhi and Mumbai. Can’t really regurgitate what I learned. but you can wiki that up easily anyways.


View of the house from the outside:


Dharavi Slum Tour

So next day my co worker had the brilliant idea of touring a slum. Not just a slum but the biggest one,called Dharavi Slum. Sure why not?

Had the hotel organize a tour for us. Had to meet at 9:15AM, totally not a big fan of waking up in the morning during the weekends. Anyways here’s a pic:


We were told by our tour guide to not take any pictures while in the slums. Reason was because these are actual people living there, so they would not appreciate people just taking random pictures of them. I agree, so i abided by that rule.

This experience was definitely an eye opener. It was weird at first because to me the living conditions are almost unbearable. Yet to them it’s all normal, and if anything that feel uncomfortable living in the big city.

It’s so true, different perspective on everything. The tour guide brought us the three main industries in the slums (the slums are almost self sustaining), and their living quarters.

Very good experience. Ranks up with the DMZ tour in Seoul and Old Delhi.

Veda restaurant


You know what? India has great food. The above pic was taken at Veda, a restaurant that I love in India. I recall going to Veda when we were in Delhi and I was ecstatic to find out they had opened another one here in Mumbai (located in Phoenix Mall).



Another great feast. This was a seafood restaurant, and boy was the fish ever so fresh. Crab was delicious. Did I also mention we had four plates of Naan? I swear I can eat that all day.


Me, coworker, coworker hubby. at trishna.



Drank at Aer (rooftop bar at the four seasons). Totally recommend this bar, as it provides a great view of Mumbai. Especially at night.

Seriously, i felt like i was in Toronto.

That is all!!

[Original Post – December 2013]

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