Elephanta Island Caves


Didn’t really do much on my last Sunday here in Mumbai. The last site that I wanted to visit was the Elephanta Islands. And I am glad I did!

Elephanta Islands


In order to get to Elephanta islands you need to take a ferry from the Gateway of India. The fare was pretty cheap, although I can not remember on the top of my head. The ferry ride itself took about 1.5 hours, so fairly long ride. The seats weren’t exactly comfortable either, but it was definitely worth the wait.

A little bit of history, in ancient times this island was known as the Gharapuri, and was renamed to Elephanta Islands in the 17th century. Further, the Elephanta Caves are one of five Hindu Caves in Mumbai, therefore it attracts a lot foreigners and locals.

In order to get to the caves, you need to walk up a slope. While walking though you can do some shopping with the street vendors that are located here.

Once you reach the top, you will see a lot of cool historical sculptures located in the caves. The entrance was 250 rupees. Side note – I paid the security guard directly, but the ticket booth was right beside it. I think the security guard committed fraud. =p

Anyways here’s a picture of the caves:


That’s it! Heading back to Hong Kong!


[Original Post – December 2013]

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