The Beautiful Summer Palace

This palace is absolutely stunning. I spent half a day here and feel I haven’t seen everything this palace has to offer.
I made a mental note that when I come back to visit this great city I must see everything in this palace in detail again. Here are some more pictures:




A little bit of information about this place. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has been declared a masterpiece of Chinese landscape design. From what I remember reading the historical facts, is that this used to be the cottage for the past Chinese emperors and empress.

The experience walking through this grand palace was just unforgettable. Although it is a tourist attraction, it still has a sense of history to it. It is also very quiet while along the lake that is situated in the middle of the palace.

Club Mix

After my visit to Summer Palace, I met up with the co workers to have dinner, and then we decided to head to a nearby club. It was a really nice club, as there were three dance floors each with a unique music genre.


Went home tired, but was still excited for the next day as I was going to be visiting the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City

Well to end the trip off, we went inside to the Forbidden City. Very grand, luxurious, and historical. Let’s start off with some pictures first:


Think this is where the emperor held his meetings.



Took the above picture because it seems like you always see this area in TVB shows. (TVB is the local Hong Kong channel where most of the dramas are produced)


Breathtaking bird’s eye view of the forbidden city. Lucky that it was still a clear day.

Historical Summary – The Forbidden City was the palace used from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. It has over 900 buildings, and is separated into two main sections called the Outer Courts and Inner Courts. The Outer Courts is where the emperor would conduct his meetings, whereas the Inner Courts is where the emperor sleeps and eats.

Leaving Beijing now, but I must say I really love this city. I will be back!

Side note – the one flaw about Beijing (or maybe it’s just China) is the Air Traffic. Our plane was delayed 1.5 hours, and I was told that this the norm in China.

Anyways. that is all, till next time.

[Original Post – April 2013]

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