Predicting the Hockey Bracket!

So I am a guy, therefore I like to watch sports.  So apologizes in advance if this post is irrelevant to you guys, but every year, I like to predict the playoff winners for the NHL.

These picks are not based on analytics, experience, or expert knowledge.  Rather, it’s based on my love of the team =p.  So you will find for each series a little commentary as to why I think that particular team will win.  I find it’s always fun to see well (or horrible) I did. haha. So here it is!

Western Conference

Round 1

COL vs MIN – COL WINS (I chose Colorado to win because of Patrick Roy! He’s done a good job turning this team around so I really hope he’s successful)

STL vs CHI – STL WINS (This was a tough one.  I really like both teams, but I want St Louis to win a little more since they’ve never won the big one in team history, plus Chicago’s already won it last year so why not give another team a chance right?)

ANA vs DAL – ANA WINS (Grew up watching the Might Ducks, so naturally I would want them to win this series.  Plus, Teemu Selanne.  Enough said).

SJS vs LAK – LAK WINS(I love Los Angeles, as in the city.  Plus every year I like to see the Sharks choke so let’s go Kings!)

Round 2

COL vs STL – STL WINS (Although I said I like Roy to be successful, the Avs have won the cup before.  So my vote goes to St Louis here).

ANA vs LAK – ANA WINS (Teemu Selanne.  That’s really why I chose Anaheim over LA).

Round 3

STL vs ANA – STL WINS (Really, Really tough one here.  Teemu is a big factor, however the ducks have won the cup before so my vote goes to ST LOUIS BLUES!)

Eastern Conference

Round 1

BOS vs DET – BOS WINS (Hate the bruins, hate the red wings.  Think I had the Red Wings a bit more so my vote goes to Boston, but I hope they lose in the next round)

TBL vs MTL – TBL WINS (STAMKOS! Plus I am a leafs fan (sadly), so naturally I can not cheer for Montreal).

PIT vs CBJ – PIT WINS (Sydney Crosby is my favorite player, and Malkin I also like to watch.  I’ve always wanted Pittsburgh to be the next dynasty, so I am hoping they can start this year).

NYR vs PHI – NYR WINS (Don’t really care about this series either, but of the two I will want NYR to win).

Round 2

BOS vs TBL – TBL WINS (Same reasons as round 1, don’t like bruins and love Stamkos so go TBL!)

PIT vs NYR – PIT WINS (I think a Crosby versus Stamkos finals will be awesome to watch, so I am hoping the Penguins will go the next round).

Round 3

PIT vs TBL – PIT WINS (Who do i want to see in the finals more? Stamkos or Crosby? mmm tough, but I probably want to see Crosby + Malkin a little bit more.  So let’s go penguins!)

Stanley Cup Finals

PIT vs STL – PIT WINS (hahah yes I know..I wanted the Blues to win their first cup earlier on, so I am eating my own words.  But I want to see Crosby win again, so hopefully they can do it this year =))

Here’s to a great 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

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  1. These predictions are all purely based on who your favourite teams are…

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