My coworkers from the US was visiting Hong Kong, so we decided to visit a good Cantonese style restaurant, called Lin Heung Tea House.
This restaurant is most famous for Dim Sum, but since it was not located near our office we settled for dinner.

This is the restaurant from the outside.  The exact location is a follows:

160-164 Wellington Street, Central

You can also google the exact words “Lin Heung Tea House Restaurant” for more information.  It is sort of hard to find since you have to walk a bit from the Central Station on the Hong Kong Island, but if you have google maps should not be much of a problem.


As we entered into the restaurant, I saw this big poster advertising this special duck meal that they serve here.  I was then told we were going to order this so I was excited and could not wait how this dish would taste!

Here’s a couple of pictures of the duck meal:


It was really delicious! They stuffed rice / lotus / a lot of other ingredients into the insides of the duck.  The duck itself was also juicy and tasty, so I really enjoyed this dish. We also ordered rice, vegetables, sweet and sour pork (my order since I am a Canadian =p), and also some calamari.  Overall was a very good meal, although I think I still prefer the Tung Bo Restaurant near the North Point wets market, but that’s for another post, another day.


The atmosphere in the restaurant was very typical Hong Kong – Loud, Busy, Fast Service.  I think anyone that would want to get a local Hong Kong restaurant experience with great food will certainly enjoy this place! Let me know if your comments if you happen to try this restaurant out!!


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