Landed in Lisbon, Portugal! Lisbon is a beautiful city but it appears that everything is closed on a Sunday! Regardless, I took the opportunity to walk around the city. Here’s recap so far:


Downtown Lisbon

The architecture in Lisbon is absolutely stunning, and is everything I imagined it to be. Further, the people here are very laid back and nice, contributing to a relaxing atmosphere that I really enjoyed. Here are some pictures of Lisbon:


A bit of facts about Lisbon:

  • It’s the capital city of the country Portugal
  • It’s also the largest city in Portugal
  • It’s an important economic city

It’s definitely great city with history. Love this city!

Tagus River

The Tagus River, it’s the longest river in the Iberian Pennisula, which splits Portugal into three sections. If you ever have a chance to visit Lisbon, you have to walk along this river. It’s a really nice stroll on a sunny day. Did I mention it’s also quiet? Definitely a good change from the busy life of Hong Kong.


My first meal in portugal =) Fish and Chips! Was delicious, and will post more of the food I’ve eaten in Portugal in my next post!.

Anyways, too tired too blog anymore. I have to go out for a run to keep myself up (its 4PM right now here!).

Till later!

[Original Post – July 2013]


  1. Just found your Lisbon story because I was there some weeks ago. Definitely a great place with delicious food!

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