People’s square in Shanghai.  This is one of the most..bizarre / interesting experiences so far in my travels. You have to go here on a Sunday. For your information the square is between Nanjing Road East and West.  You can’t miss it because you will see a lot of fathers and mothers here negotiating meeting other parents for potential blind dates / marriage.

I am not joking.

They will publish the following stats, usually on a piece of paper on top of an umbrella / stool / bag:

– Gender

– Age

– Weight

– Height

– Hobbies

– Requirements for their ideal partners (interesting note, most of the requirements from the ladies was that the guys must have property, and have at least XXXX amount of monthly salary.  They may also be more specific in terms of what job the guy must have, such as having a banking or IT job.)

This is an example:


They will also stick their kid’s resumes on the fence.  Other parents will look at the resume, and if they are interested they will jot down the number and will try to set up a date between the two kids.  This is legit, and is happening.  So it with my own eyes.  Who needs online dating? Seriously? haha.

I had to be careful whilst taking pictures because, well I don’t know if the parents would be too happy about me snapping photos of them negotiating how to set up their kids for a blind date.  Overall, interesting experience.

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