Welcome to Grind It Expresso Cafe!! Situated near the Glenelg beach, this is a fabulous cafe for all you coffee lovers.  Not a coffee lover? Not a problem! They have a good breakfast menu here, in which I (a non coffee drink) tried!  This is a unique place in that when you sit down, you don’t get your orders placed right away.  Because it’s such a small cafe, they need to take the orders one customer at a time.  And because the kitchen is small, they won’t take another order until the previous dishes have been completed.



As such, I waited about 30 minutes before I could order.  I think this is the only thing I was not happy about, because I was sooo hungry.  When I finally got to order, I decided to have a wrap…for champions! Mushroom, cheese, chicken all in one delicious wrap.  I also added a side of potatoes just for the hell of it.  I should also comment on my drink, I ordered an orange juice, and it is by far one of the freshest juice I’ve ever had in my life.

Unfortunately, I could not find the website (I don’t think they do).  I did find they have a facebook group, so if you are looking for more information on this cafe just google it on facebook (when did google become an action word?)

What a nice, little cafe!  If you don’t mind the wait, then you should come pay a visit!


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