Okay.  Toronto is not just trees.

Admittedly I have not given my home a lot of love.  End of July I was actually back home, and made it a goal to go downtown, snap some pictures and introduce Toronto to the World.  Well life happened.  Met with a lot of people, thus wasn’t really able to do that.  What I can do first, is introduce you all to where I live!


The picture above is the school yard of my elementary school.  It’s kind of crazy coming back here, given the fact that it has been 15+ years since I left.  How things have changed since them.

 People are getting married.

Kids are popping out.

We are all focused on our careers and have ambitious goals (sort of).

 Back then we just played with toy dinosaurs, and ran around in circles (track meet).  It was so calm and peaceful here, great contrast to Hong Kong which was nice.  Weather was great, sun was shining, breeze was flowing against my face.  Perfect.

Near my place is a park called Miliken Park. I also grew up with this park.  Every Canada Day / Victoria Day we would come to this park to either see fireworks, or light fireworks of our own.  The park has been revamped a bit, as the water fountain you see above was non existent back then.  Love it.  Wish it was here a lot longer, could have more romantic walks haha.

Next time I promise, pictures of downtown Toronto!!

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