Alright, let’s blog about something very touristy shall we about Hong Kong?!?!? TST waterfront in Hong Kong.

 Yep, you probably have seen this / heard about this all over the internet whenever you search Hong Kong.  A must go in my opinion if it’s your first time here.

But of course, it’s going to be crowded, but the view of Hong Kong island is breathtaking.  Wondering if it’s better to go night or day in terms of the views?  No worries, I have pictures of both!:


I personally prefer night just because..well that’s my preference.  It was nice walking down during the day though, but man was it hot.  I guess during the day you will see more details of the city too!

 I really like walking down the waterfront, to me it’s quite relaxing (and yes I know it’s crowded) but it’s just nice to get away from the buildings that are constantly surrounding you in Hong Kong.

Keep walking down one side and you will hit Shang-ri-la hotel where you can have a nice afternoon tea (there are also bars around the area if you want to get your drink on at night).  On the other end is the pier for the Star Ferry, which is another tourist attraction.  I really don’t know what the big deal is for the star ferry though…but that will be for another post another day.

Here’s another picture of the HK island, from the TST waterfront during the day!


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