You know what’s good? Chicken Wings!! You know what’s also good? Beer!

 So what do you get when you add the two together with a bit of Korean style??


Too excited.

I’ve always liked chicken and beer ever since I had it Korea!!  To be honest, When you have Korean style chicken and beer, you have to add soju with it.  I am not a big Soju drinking (don’t like the taste), but mixing it with beer is actually pretty good!! I find you also get drunk much faster too, which I am okay with =)



I couldn’t find the website, but found some information on open rice:


It’s located here:

G/F., Hong Kong Offshore Center, 28 Austin Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui

It’s in the heart of the Korean town of Hong Kong.  I did not know we had a Korean town lol.  I think this place is owned by a korean owner, as all the staff spoke Korean (or at least the ones that were serving us).  The place was pretty filled when we got there but then what popular hong kong restuarant isn’t.  Great atmosphere, very lively.  The food was also good, so we ended up ordered to sets of chicken.  Drank a lot of soju and beer.  Overall, an awesome night!


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