F*ck it list!!


Inspired by a fellow blogger in which they listed out a f*ck it list instead of your normal bucket list, I thought it be fun to brainstorm my own “I Will Never do that” list.  Let’s see how much I can come up with!

1 – I will never drink pop again

2 – I will never drunk text again

3 – I will never drunk call again

4 – I will not drink alcohol more than 4 days a week

5 – I will not sleep later than 1030 on week nights (Friday does not count, Sunday is a weekday in my books) -> This one is pretty hard

6 – I will not be so opinionated

7 – I will not blab without thinking twice

8 – I will not speak so fast – this one is also pretty hard

9 – I will not go over my budget – I may have to go out less

10 – I will not swear as much – hahaha……

I’ll see how I can do…..


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