I fell in love with cafes ever since I came back from Korea.  The coffee, the people watching, reading, surfing the internet (if they have wifi), and most importantly the quietness was all new to me.  Coming back to Hong Kong, I made it a goal to try to find a nice cafe where I can just chill, read my book, blog and just think about life.


I failed the last few tries, and almost ended up at Starbucks.

But as everything in life, persistence always wins!

So on a Sunday afternoon, I ended up at this nice little cafe called Rabbithole.  Here’s the interior of the cafe:


What a nice a cafe! I am still trying to get into the art of drinking coffee, and trying to appreciate it.  Not sure if it’s succeeding, but if I want to get into the cafe culture then I should start liking it.

I will try.

There’s about 5 tables in this place, so I was initially worried I won’t get a table.  Surprisingly, for a sunday afternoon there was not much people.  Or maybe because most people in Hong Kong will probably do take away, and not sit around doing nothing like me.

I am pretty unique in this aspect I guess =p

I ordered a Cappuccino because I am boring.  And also because I don’t know what else to order.  There’s the usual suspects on the menu, the Americanos, the lattes, the mochas.  Maybe I’ll try the mocha next time.


Side note – really into this reading on a sunday thing.  I am just getting old, but the mind needs some exercise too.

Rabbithole is located at 3 Landale Street in Wanchai, just across from Butcher’s Club (Double win!).  So after your coffee fix, you can get your burger fix.

Life is good.

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  1. And if they are too crowded you might want to try coco espresso or the cupping room. Both are five mins away.

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