Why are my coworkers hating on this place?  Why are my coworkers hating on this steak?  It’s so good, and it’s such a good value!  For HKD100 (USD13) you get steak, which also comes with rice and roasted potatoes.

And this isn’t like a girly sized steak.

This is a good lunch portion steak.


I love it.  And…it’s close to my work place.  Double win.

It was a rainy day at work, but it was also the last friday before Christmas came around.  What better way to celebrate this friday than to have some steak?  Luckily for us, we have this place called Codfather that sells steak.  So we went, and ate some steak.

Side note – another good thing about this place is that it sells Guiness =)

Just case you don’t know where I work (that’s probably most people), the Codfather address is

G/F, 23 Hoi Wan Street, Quarry Bay

This place is packed during lunch hours on a work day, but I am curious to see if it’s still packed during the weekend.  I will trek down here one day to find out.  It may be a long trek, but seriously, this is worth it.


The place itself is small and cozy.  They have some more tables outside, but since it’s so dam cold right now you probably want to stay in.


Actually, why is it called Codfather? Why not steak father? mm…I think this place is more famous for it’s fish actually.  Err…whatever.  Steak for the win.


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