Errr I don’t know how to classify this restaurant.  It’s suppose to be a fusion between Caribbean and Asian food.  I’ve never seen this kind of combination before, and I don’t really know how my friends found out about this place.  The place is called Patois located in 794 Dundas Street West.


Was suppose to visit Eric’s new condo, but wasn’t able to throughout my stay in Toronto so finally decided to just do it during the day.  Lincoln and Sarah decided to tag along.  Sure.

We arrived around 1230 and the place was rocking and full! I saw some comments online saying this is place is for hipsters haha, mmm not sure.  I’d like it.  I did not order the food that you see in the first picture.  I think they ordered the 1)Egg Benedict 2) Kimchi pancake with some meat (forgot already).

Enough of their food.  What did I order?  The awesome “Rude Boy” dish, which is a grilled cheese sandwich with pulled oxtail =)


YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYY.  I don’t think I have ever tried oxtail before, so this was a nice introduction to it.  Going to try more oxtail later on, it was so soft.  Literally was melting in my mouth.  YUMMMMMMM.  Because it was close to 1PM, meant that it was close to beer time.

So we ordered beer.


That is, Jamaican Lager.  This was good, was a little bubbly but nonetheless I enjoyed this beer.

The restaurant also wrote their specials on the back of the menu haha.  And not just one menu, they did this for all of them:


hahaha.  If I ever own a restaurant that’s going to be what my menu will look like.  Just scribbles on a piece of paper.  That is also why I should not be in the restaurant business.

Patois also has this thing called the “Shebang” where you get to try ALL the food for 99 bucks Canadian.  Unfortunately, this was only available after 5PM so we didn’t get to try.  I should try it next time when I am back (which probably will be soon).

She Bang! She Bang! (Yes lame)


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  1. This is one of my favourite restaurants…the food is so creative and the atmosphere is really fun. Glad u liked it!

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