Gastro pub duh duh duh!! it’s a bar that serves alcohol, AND food.  Well…isn’t that just a regular pub?  why is it Gastro?  Someone educate me please…….anyways….they have wallaby meat here, and Julie kept egging me on to get it.  I mean, it is a pretty rare meat and you can’t get it anywhere else…very good point….well..I ended up getting ribs.





This gastro pub is called Statler & Waldorf, located in the very busy street of Caxton street (Number 25 for the pub).  Was so packed that we couldn’t find parking.  I had to drop the girls off so that we can get a table while I drove off to find a parking spot.  And I did eventually, but was about 2 blocks away.

Wasn’t that bad though, it was only a 10 minute walk for me and my muscular legs (15 for the girls).   Of course after the dinner we were really full, so it took us even longer to walk back afterwards.


The apps that we ordered were to die for.  Up first, the candied bacon and brussel sprouts.  Yummm…it’s like the brussel sprouts were drowned in bacon.  It was delicious.

We also ordered the Eggplant nuggets, because we all love eggplant.  Seriously, why would you not like eggplant?


Although I admit, we probably over did on the veggies.  Probably should have ordered more meat, but I was eating with two girls so naturally I will not win in a vote scenario, nor would it matter anyways.  I guess it’s good to have more veggies in my diet.

I also took a picture of the salmon that Julie had.  Not sure why.  I guess it was good?  I think she said it was good, but I didn’t really try it..because…that would have been weird you know…=p

I also love their slogan “Collision of Good Food and Questionable Chat”. hahah. nice.

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