One thing I love about working in Australia is the fact that jogging outside is a treat.  Compared to HK where I am basically jogging with cars, here in Aussie I get 1) Fresh Air 2) see birds 3) Have space to actually run.  That’s why I was very pleased to know there was a botanic gardens near my hotel.  So, I put on my runners and started to do some jogging!!!


The botanic gardens itself is not that huge.  I was able to cover the entire garden in about 30 minutes with light jogging, which is a mixture of walking and jogging (mostly walking hahaha).  Just when I was about to leave the garden, I saw this pathway.  And people were walking on the pathway….into the light……I am trying to be mysterious here……
2 Curious…I decided to walk along the pathway to see what adventures awaits on the other end.   I ended up crossing a bridge, with a fabulous view of Brisbane!  I don’t know what the bridge was called, all I know is you get to see both the south and (i guess north? banks).  I like the (North banks???) more because of..the buildings…


Gorrgeous.  You know what con is when you jog along such beautiful scenery? Is you end up walking, instead of jogging / running.  I want to take it all in right? hehe.

Jogging back, I found out another pathway where I got to run alongside the river  bank.  Man, I miss the times where I would run along the pier in downtown Toronto.  I really need to stop going back during winter.  I need to back in spring/summer, so that I can jog and then have a beer by one of my favorite restaurants in the Toronto Riverfront.  Of course I totally did not remember what it’s called, I really need to blog more about Toronto.

I digress.  Here’s what I was jogging beside on my way back to the hotel:


Duddeee…I want a boat bad…..Give me money now!!!!!!!!

Have A GREAT SUMMER AUSTRALIA!!!!! (Summer in Feb, lucky people).


  1. Nice post! Mss Brisbane – being my hometown it’s lovely to hear your enjoying the scenery and green spaces it has to offer. Was it the Goodwill Bridge (the one that connects the botanical gardens/QUT to south bank). Enjoy your stay in Brissie.

    1. I think it is the Goodwill Bridge! Thanks for letting me know..I am really bad with names to begin with.

      And yes definitely enjoyed my stay in Brissie!

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