We seriously do not eat much Shanghai Food in … Shanghai. lol.  I really don’t know why, I am not a big fan of Shanghai food, too sweet for me.  Anyways I am sure you have read about that many times in my blog.  Let’s move on.  SIMPLY THAI.

Simply Thai is a chain restaurant…yeah yeah yeah.


I don’t care.  Sometimes chain restaurants are the bomb.  I mean if they were not delicious, they wouldn’t be able to “chain” in the first place right? There’s many locations so I won’t bother putting down the one I went to because..well you may not be staying where I am staying.

Which would make it irrelevant.

And I am all about being irrelevant….wait that don’t make sense.


Daisy ordered pad thai, which was something she ordered last time.  She said the pad thai was awesome.  I ordered the green curry chicken dish, so of course I was a bit skeptic that her dish would be better than mine.  I mean, the green curry chicken dish was so damn delicious already, how can a dry, non meaty pad thai even compete?

Well, yeah I guess it did compete.  I ordered the pad thai the second time I came back.  lol.  So i would give it a “thai” (pun intended).

The green curry though…yum…..I love sauce mixed with rice.  Add some more love to it when it’s a bit spicy. blabbing now.

Oh we also ordered veggies.


Random thought, I wonder if restaurants will sell their utensils and plates?  haha…i kinda like the simply thai plates….



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