Thaiii fooooddddddddd. In Guangzhou?  That’s right…there is a lot of expats in Guangzhou so you will find a lot of non-chinese cuisines  around the area.   One mall that we go to a lot is Taikoo Hui because it’s right by our hotel.  And they have a lot of different offerings.  Craving for Thai food we decided to go to this restaurant called Lian.



BUSY PLACE!! We had to make reservations two days in advance….with good reason why.   Food was delicious.  Definitely coming back again.

Firstly let me tell you how to get there:

L303 of TaiKoo Hui Shopping Centre, No.383 Tianhe Rd, Tianhe District中國廣州市天河區天河路383號太古匯商場裙樓第三層L303號商鋪

Yep…just show the chinese address to the UBER driver -> yes supporting uber to the max.

I ordered the curry dish with pork neck meat (I think that’s the direct translation).  The curry was so good.  It also had lychees in it, which made it pretty special.  And distinct. Never had lychee curry before.  I  will order this again next time.

And then chicken wings.


We always order chicken wings.  It’s like our favorite dish in like anywhere.  These wings were cooked with butter….mmmm….fat….LoL.

That’s it.  Probably won’t get to post this anytime soon because China hates wordpress…..

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