Yo. The time between morning and afternoon on a Sunday, what you call it?  You call it BRUNCH TIME! BRUNCH TIME!  Actually, I am not a big fan of brunch time.  It usually messes with my workout time.  ha.  Workout time.  Whatever.  The thing about BRUNCH TIME is you should not eat a big breakfast.  Which is what I did on this particular day.


I ate a huge breakfast, including noodles, hash brown, 10 tonnes of bacon, egg etc.  I finished eating by 930 and we had BRUNCH TIME at 1130….FML.

What a disaster, because grumpy pig is an EXCELLENT BRUNCH TIME PLACE.  I ordered the ULTIMATE BACON CHEESEBURGER.

I am excited that’s why I am typing in caps by the way.

The ULTIMATE BACON CHEESEBURGER WAS ULTIMATE.  Or maybe I personally loveeee cheeseburgers.

It’s why I need to have workout time. ha.  Workout time.

The other dish my colleague ordered was some poached egg crap.  Meh.  Of course I had the better dish =p hah.

But seriously, it was damn delicious.  But before I got mouth into this deliciousness, I was a bit annoyed with the restaurant.  Their website (http://thegrumpypig.com/) says they open at 1130 so we got there on time, and then the stupid guy (maybe it was the owner) says they don’t open till 12.  So we sat there, reading thoroughly through the damn menu for 30 minutes.


At least we could order drinks.  In which I proceeded to order IPA.  IPA? Damn Delicious.



When 12 PM hit, the waitress came to our table and I ordered what I said I would order. THE ULTIMATE BACON CHEESEBURGER.


my Gosh, I was so full after this especially after the huge ass breakfast that I had.  Lesson Learn.  When there is BRUNCH TIME, there should be little to no BREAKFAST TIME.  Just sleep in will ya? Oh right, I am old I don’t sleep in any more.

Grumpy Pig, ain’t so grumpy on my stomach (ok that’s a bit forced).

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on April 11 2016


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6 replies

  1. You made me laugh so hard. Just imagining the excitement you’re feeling. I’m a cheese burger person too. That looks very nice.

  2. Brunch in Shanghai without free flow champagne is just a late breakfast. Great writing!

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