FIFTH BEST PIZZA IN SHANGHAI.  This is not coming from me.  This is coming from websites such as tripadvisor. FIFTH BEST PIZZA.  Wonder who the other four is.  Oh Mercato is number one.  Makes total sense.

FIFTH BEST PIZZA must mean that their pizza, shouldn’t be too shabby!  Hopes were high coming into this meal.  And yes, was NOT DISAPPOINTED.


We ordered the prosciutto pizza.  Crust was crispy, cheese was glamorously melted all over the place, meat was flavorful.  Yes Mercato is probably better, but this is good too!  And close to the hotel! Sort of…..

Oh shit.  Yes this place is called Scarpetta ().  You won’t find any information there because their website is still under construction (as of April 1, this is no April fools).  So instead, I give you smart shanghai.


More information there.

So yes, if you ask me you better order the damn pizza. I will shame you if you don’t.  The wait was a bit long, so I was not happy about that.  It is oven pizza though…so fine….

and at least it tasted good. So I will not complain any further.


We also ordered the calamari.  It was okay.  People online said it was a must try.

No you are wrong my online strangers.

You are so wrong.


OH AND THE MEATBALL IS A MUST ORDER.  Fuck me how did I forget this damn delicious dish.


Oh my goddddd the meat ball literally just melted in your mouth. so good.

And stop being so fancy shit people, calamari was JUST OKAY.  But this is also my personal opinion.

There’s two floors to this neat restaurant, but it was Tuesday and it wasn’t packed.  Don’t know if you need to make reservations.  Maybe it was because it was a weekday that’s why it was not packed.  I don’t know, whatever man if you have time just make a damn reservation.


Kind of angry in this post.  Don’t know why.  haha.

Pizza time.


Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on April 1 2016

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