Facts about Jen!


Jen is my fellow colleague from the UK, and she is also Canadian.  Therefore I tried to get to know her better by asking her some personal questions:

1 – Do u prefer men in boxers or briefs men in general – Boxer for large men, briefs for toned men

2 – If a man had to cook u one dish what would it be – Meatballs with zoodles

3 – Why did u stop eating carbs – Because it makes u bloated

4 – If you had to choose between bread and pasta what would you choose – Bread

5 – Why? – Because I can smother it in butter

6 – Backstreet Boys or N’sync – Backstreet Boys (I approve)

7 – Why did u leave Toronto – For adventure and sunshine

8 – What’s the best thing about Toronto – The people

9 – If you could kill anyone in this world, who would it be? – The current Bin Laden of the world

10 – Are you married? – Yes

11  – When is your birthday – 1985, end of May

12 – Favaorite color – Purple

13 – Favorite number –  12

14  – Why?  – Because I like it the best

15 – What shampoo brand do you use – Lush

16 – Why? – Because it smells nice

Written from Hunter Valley, Crowne Plaza on June 19, 2016

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