Arghhh why do I have to exercise while on vacation.  I should just b eating, drinking and not doing anything at all.  NOTHING AT ALL.  Whyyyyyy.  Well, luckily I did go get some “exercise” because biking around the city wall in Xi’an was an damn good experience.



The wall was used to fortify the city (Xi’an used to be the capital of a lot of chinese dynasties).  Now it has become a tourist area where you pay an entrance fee, get up to the top of the wall, and bikkkeeee.
3And it’s a long as bike ride too.  So the wall is made of four sides right, one side takes about 30 – 45 minutes depending how fast you went.  We biked for two hours and only made it for two and half sides of the wall?

We probably could’ve finished it though if we didn’t stop and take pictures like damn tourists.

Damn tourists.

Yo, look at those old school houses! so cool…..

Yo back to the weather. We got lucky, the day before it was raining cats and dogs. On that day it was raining SUNSHINE! Sunshine and Lollipop! Wonder if anyone remembers that song…probably not.

Yeahhh it was great day to bike.  The sun was out, but there was a nice spring breeze and yes I was damn relaxed.  But I was also tired because  I was exercising during my vacation.


Whyyyyyyyy.  If you want some tips on how to get to this wall and where to get the bikes, go to this very english friendly website =p


Written from Shanghai, Renaissance Hotel on March 30, 2016


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3 replies

  1. Haha yes holidays are lazy time

  2. That seems like worth of riding the bike! But I agree with you that while in holiday you shouldn’t exercise 😀

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