Want to have Italian? Don’t want to be broke after an Italian Dinner? Don’t want to have a heavy meal either? Yo check out Pan E Vino.  I was told this place had one of the better pizza’s in town, so yeah yeah let’s gooooooo!!

We first ordered the raw beef dish because we can.  Love beef, love beef, loveeeeeee beef.



Yeah the dish was really good (and it looks like my pizza picture too lol), but to the main course.

We ordered a thin crust pizza, and man this shit was damn thin indeed!!  I think this is when you know it’s authentic right? As in authentic Italian pizza, it’s gotta be so thin that you are like eating air.


And yes, I felt like I was eating thin air..

I really have nothing bad to say for this restaurant.  Only positive things haha.


And tiramisu! we ate tiramisuuuuu!!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on April 16, 2016


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