I have no idea what the objective of vivid is.

Nor do I know how it got started, or the history of it. Who organizes it? I do not know.



My incompetence on this event is mainly because I am not into artsy / creative shit.  But I decided to give this event a go because, well I was forced to by the lovely receptionist at the desk.  She’s a lovely lady, but kept insisting that we need to go check out vivid.


I am like why the fuck do I need to check out a bunch of light shows.  She kept egging me on until I promised her I would go see Vivid.


Sometimes I just need to keep my mouth shut.  But I guess it worked out well because after a night of eating pizza and drinking beer, a walk around the downtown core in Sydney was exactly what my fat ass needed.

We decided to walk down to Circular Quay to see what the big deal was.  The slogan of this event is “Lights, Arts, Idea”.

I think.

I think I at least got 2 / 3 of that right, but fuck it doesn’t really matter.

So yah, the lights / animation on the buildings was quite interesting.  I did stare at it for about 10 minutes or so before moving onto the next one….I didn’t really know how to enjoy it .

I mean its just a bunch of lights shining on buildings.

But it was a nice walk in June (it’s “winter) here by the way.

Go Vivid?


Written from the Virgin Australia Flight to Port of Airlie on June 11, 2016


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