Brexit the hottest topic lately.  If you have been living in a hole then you must not have known UK will be leaving the EU.  Not immediately, these things takes time.  It might take up to two years, and maybe more.  I am not British and I don’t live in Europe, but we are a global community so everyone is affected in some ways.  Don’t matter.  I just got a couple of observations:

  • Stats say the younger generation voted for stay.  The older generation voted to leave.  Older generation maybe wiser? But the younger generation still have their whole lives to live.  What’s more important?
  • Are people voting based on facts, or emotions?
  • Do people really know what they are voting on?
  • Do people know the consequences of the results?

Things to ponder.  I guess we will find out in a couple years time?

Picture taken from  Aljazeera.Com

Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 25 2016

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