Alright, this is going to be a short post because I really have nothing to say about this.

It’s ice cream. fucking ice cream. I love ice cream. And when it is summer, I like to eat ice cream at “summers“. Hah, see what I did there?



This place is located in Yorkshire, a trendy (expensive) neighborhood in Toronto. They make their own ice cream here, and have been around since 1985.

Pretty legitimate if you ask me. Came here during our vacation in Toronto. It was hot, so naturally ice cream came to mind.

I got the pistachio and cookies and cream. Two of my most favorite flavors. They are just hands down awesomeness to the ass.

Le GF got some fruity shit, like lemon or something.

Don’t know. My ice cream kicked her ice cream’s ass.


Sooooo many choices for ice cream. How can one even possible start?


I been to this ice cream place several years ago with a friend. Still remember that day! We were lucky, after we got our ice cream there was this guy that was playing the guitar outside the restaurants.


Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on September 23, 2016



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