Christmas is coming!!!!

Was super excited to be in Munich.

Was even more excited about going to the Christmas Market at the Marienplatz! Let’s look at some photos of it first before I begin to blab.
tumblr_ohoghyGpBW1rz57lco6_1280Hope you enjoyed those photos. Probably wondering how I felt about this experience.

Well let’s start with this….

It was damn cold that day.

Like really cold. And I am a Canadian so you think I would be able to handle the cold easily.

Nah, I have been sucking lately at handling the cold.

Give me a beach and I am good.

Not winter.

But overall, was pretty cool to see all the shops there.

Oh and if you didn’t know Marienplatz is the central square of Munich, and houses the Christmas Market, where they sell…well Christmas stuff…duh.

tumblr_ohoghyGpBW1rz57lco5_1280There were a lot of these little shops along the way in the square. Spent about 2 hours here. Was freezing my ass off.


Then we came to the infamous Glockenspiel. Or aka huge ass cuckoo tower.

I didn’t get to see the tower perform…because it doesn’t show at night during the winter…I Probably should have done some research before going…

but mehhhh I will just watch it on Youtube.

Just watched it.


Probably was for the best though, it would have been too cold for me to open my eyes live that night.

now this is something new. hot wine with spices. they call it Gluwhein, or simply milled wine.

first time that I had this. awesome because it was fucking cold so this hot beverage was much needed.

it also came with the mug 🙂


anndddd no Christmas Market will be a Christmas market..without a Christmas Tree!

Written from The Meridien, Munich on December 4, 2016


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