Finally got a chance to see the city of Hyderabad.

We have been working late hours all week so never had a chance to see what Hyderabad had to offer. Spoke to the hotel who gave us some recommendations. I am a lazy ass. I should probably have done some the research myself but whatever.

First item on the list? Visiting a cool ass monument in old city, called the Charminar:tumblr_ofi2boUM8S1rz57lco4_1280


tumblr_ofi2boUM8S1rz57lco6_1280As the title of this post suggests, you get an awesome view of the old city of Hyderabad from the Charminar. Is it cheap to get in? YES!

Well, if you are Indian it only costs 15 Rupees.

If you are a foreigner it costs 200 Rupees.

What the fuck.

But Okay whatever, it’s still cheap. And I get it, tourists should pay more. I think Indians also visit these places more often (I guess there’s not much places to hang out) so that’s why they pay a lower price.

Whatever it’s all good.

Getting up here requires you to take these very steep stairs up. Very steep, and slippery. They should have put up warnings signs, we could have died in here.

I am also very much out of shape. Like damnnnn, I got no cardio to back this shit up!! I thought I was going to die. and it was hot. and I was sweating. Damnnnnnn.

But the view was worth it.


Finally, here’s a picture of the monument. Per my friend wikipedia, here’s an excerpt about this cool building:

The Charminar, constructed in 1591’s CE, is a monument and mosque located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The landmark has become a global icon of Hyderabad, listed among the most recognized structures of India.[1] The Charminar is situated on the east bank of Musi river.[2] To the west lies the Laad Bazaar, and to the southwest lies the richly ornamented granite Makkah Masjid.[3] It is listed as an archaeological and architectural treasure on the official “List of Monuments” prepared by the Archaeological Survey of India.[4]

Love india!

Written from Hyderabad, Park Hyatt on October 23, 2016

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