Firstly, I have to apologize for the quality of my pictures.

We were eating at a rooftop terrace at Kartel during the evening, and with my ever so shity quality Iphone 6 Camera, I am unable to take quality night photos. I read online that even go pros have a hard time capturing quality night pictures. Can someone advise?? Sigh

Played around with the filters on my phone, and really liked the black / white (noir) mode. This is the view from the rooftop where we were having dinner.

The next few pictures are the food that we ate, and again REALLY shitty quality photos… bad.


These are supposed to be meatballs. Sigh the picture makes it look like it’s some cow testicles or something.


Our beef tenderloin.


It was alright..the food here wasn’t really good. I think the selling point of this place is drinks (happy hour baby!) and the rooftop terrace. Haven’t been to a rooftop terrace in a long long time.

Which is why it should come to no surprise that the french community decided to hold a party here!

tumblr_odypp3VYVg1rz57lco7_1280tumblr_odypp3VYVg1rz57lco6_1280Bonjour, salut everywhere! haha. I wish I kept my french. but yeah, on that night there was this huge french expat get together, guess for people to meet each other.

They are in China after all. Pretty cool.


tumblr_odypp3VYVg1rz57lco2_1280tumblr_odypp3VYVg1rz57lco1_1280Just two lonely guys drinking at a bar. it’s okay boys, it’s okay. Your time will come. hah.

I don’t know them.

Come for the drinks, don’t come for the food.

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on September 23, 2016

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