Hunter Valley


And I say hey! Hey!

What a wonderful kind of day! Anyone remember that song?  It’s the theme song for Arthur…hahaha…I don’t know why I typed that out but it’s exactly how I felt on my weekend trip to Hunter Valley.  It was a wonderful day, beautiful day, awesome day.  We drank wine, we ate pizza, and mother nature was not being an asshole and played nicely.

tumblr_o93tyrPuAm1rz57lco6_1280tumblr_o93tyrPuAm1rz57lco1_1280tumblr_o93tyrPuAm1rz57lco8_1280It was suppose to be raining like hell, but nope as you can see from the pictures it was a sunny filled day with an autumn breeze.  What a wonderful kind of day!

Hunter Valley is wine country in NSW, and is about a 2 hour drive from Sydney.  Ain’t too shabby, going to come back for sure.  We got in around 1PM so we were of course, like any normal human being would be starving.

And starving we were.

We got some recommendations from our hotel and proceeded to an area with several restaurants.  We decided to go with Goldfish because there was pizza.


There was gluten pizza.

I don’t know why the restaurant is called Goldfish.  Feel like we should be eating pizza but looking at the menu I don’t think that was their focus?  Whatever, it doesn’t really matter I am not eating their name I am eating their pizza.

tumblr_o93tyrPuAm1rz57lco4_1280We ordered two pizzas, one pepperoni and one mushroom truffle / cheese with no meant but I must say that shit was fucking delicious.  Never thought I would say that for a non meat pizza.  But again you can not go wrong with mushrooms.

We also ordered meatballs to appease the people that did not like pizza (there was only one really haha).tumblr_o93tyrPuAm1rz57lco2_1280
Food was good, but again the selling point was the fact that you have this GORGEOUS view.  I don’t know what view it is.  It’s just a GORGEOUS VIEW.

Will I come back?

You bet your ass I would.

Written from Hunter Valley, Crowne Plaza on June 19 2016


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