Might be the last time I will be visiting Guangzhou.

So why not go to a nice, lovely place, with good live music and beer?

Where the hell do you even find that kind of place in Guangzhou? Yeah I had no fucking clue. So we asked our local friend and he suggested we go to this restaurant called “1928 restaurant music bar“. I asked him if he ever tried and he said no, he got it from the restaurant from an app similar to open rice.

hah. okay fine I’ll be the guinea pig.

This place is hard as hell to find. No signs, huge ass mall. “China”. Finally found it, got it and guess what? YESHHHHH some dude playing music LIVE.



Side note -> I found this really cool. lol. I think it was holding the napkins.


On to the food. She ordered lamb chops.


I ordered the ribs. With ribs it’s really hit and miss. I had really kick ass ribs, and really shit ass ribs.

These ones were in the middle.

Like…not really kick ass and not really shit.

So maybe it’s not hit and miss afterall? aie…

tumblr_oh59qk7EIm1rz57lco5_1280The wings. The wings were the best.

The damn best.

Damn best delicious wings.


Front of the restaurant.


Delicious 1664 beer. Can’t go wrong with 1664.

I think this was actually the first time drinking this….what a fail..

This place is supposedly ranked “top 10” western restaurants in Guangzhou.

I DON”T KNOW ABOUT THAT………haha. but it was decent.

Bye Guangzhou….

Written from Hong Kong, Home on November 24, 2016

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