Yum…Delicious Pizza.

Eating Pizza in Munich. Eating Pizza every where I go.

Loveeee Pizza.

My pictures. Not so much.

Sorry Nero for taking such shitty pictures.

Now if you ask me if the pizza was good, it was average. The co workers says it used to be better. Someone even commented the dough was not fully cooked.

Uh…fail much? How do you serve not fully cooked dough?




Yep…that’s one fucking blurry picture right there. No matter how hard I filter this photo it just comes out like shit. Why was it blurry? Was I shaking? I didn’t recall shaking..Going to blame it on my phone..

Actually this pizza does not look that appetizing to begin with lol. I think it’s with some sort of weird sauce!?? I don’t know. I much preferred my pepperoni pizza.

It’s all about the originals.

Come on people, stop being so fucking creative.

Just stick with recipe please….jeez.




Inside of the restaurant.

I had a good time here despite the average food. All about the company! Said this mannny times now.


But seriously, really shitty pictures. Man what a waste of a post, this had so much potential too.

Jackass camera.

Jackass me.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on December 13, 2016


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