2017 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – March 2017


March 1 – there goes my fantasy

March 6 – my back cant go straight

March 7 – stomachhhh painss

March 8 – I love hotpot

March 9 – I love to fart

March 10 – karaoke!!

March 12 – Wow fantasy season really done. Rest well LMA. and in Seoul!

March 13 – i love korean food

March 14 – Noel injured. RIP fantasy season.

March 15 – Dim Sum Dinner for the first time in my life!

March 17 – friday! Friday!

March 18 – Seoul metro is fucked up. But, I love my weekend mornings.

March 19 – another productive day because of my early mornings yahhhhhhh!

March 20 – wow that was a stressful game…ft%…

March 21 – emma watson is belle. but ryan gosling should be the beast.

March 23 – Nauseous again

March 24 – weekend!

March 25 – partied from Gangnam to Itaewon to Hongdae. Wowzers!

March 26 – I need to complain less!

March 27 – one fucking rebound. You gotta be kidding. #fantasykills

March 28 – celebrity restaurants are usually so shit

March 29 – ate too much at the hotel buffet

March 30 – back to 2014. had budae jigae and chicken / beer for dinner haha

March 31 – Plane would not land…waited in the air for 30 minutes.

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