Choi’s Cooking Episode 7! It’s back! Life Boss Cooks a steak!

It’s time to bring back my cooking series! Now if you read my previous cooking episodes you know that I don’t really cook. I just re-heat shit which doesn’t add a lot of value to anyone’s life I know.

BUT, life boss does cook a lot so I thought “hey! let’s leech off of her!” Of course she happily obliged. So while she was working hard cooking our meal, I was busy taking pictures.

Okay so what did life boss buy?






She mixed mushrooms with garlic.


But the champion of the meal has to be this steak. So good.

We bought these ingredients from Ocean 3. I thought they only sold oysters but whattttt they sell steak too? Shittt and they also deliver to your home (but I had to wait a whole morning. F*ckers).


Anyways, she cooked the steak. Medium rare is how I like it. We ultimately found out for medium rare the steak needs to be cooked 2 minutes on each side.

Look at this perfection:



Damn. These prawns and the steak was freaking bad ass. Good job life boss you made a good meal.

I did not provide cooking instructions because you can youtube / google that shit.

I hope life boss keeps on cooking!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 2, 2017


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