Do you want good Taiwanese food in Hong Kong?

Well you are in luck because there’s this pretty cool cafe called 1963  Wanchai! However, a warning – this Taiwanese deli / cafe is tucked away so it’s hard to find.  Do some googling and some research before hand.

And oh yeah you need to walk up 4 sets of stairs to get to the restaurant. There’s signs telling you to burn some calories before eating, so I guess that’s motivation….

So if you have the address in hand, then you know the approximate location. Just look for this:

Again. 4 sets of stairs. I have warned you.



BUT the food here is not too bad! As you can probably guess, I got the beef noodles:




Yo SO GOOD. SO GOOD. I devoured this in like 10 minutes. It wasn’t that big to begin with though..but for 65HKD I will live with it. Have to confess though, this stuff got a bit salty towards the end…I needed to drink a lot of water…but we are eating out and the fact that we found a decent Taiwanese restaurant / cafe I am not gonna complain.

What did the life boss get?


She got some random ass chicken dish which apparently is really good too (per online reviews). I don’t know, I preferred my beef noodles more. Because really, what can be better than beef noodles?


And of course the obligatory veggie dish. Was very garlicky. It was alright, not a must order for sure. And it was a bit salty.

Another cool thing about this restaurant is the decor. SO RETRO YO. You girls must love it (and I guess some guys too).







My picture may make you think this place is empppttyyyy…but no it’s because we came at 3PM. yes it was a late lunch. Yes we had a late night.

Don’t judge us.

Jay chow will be proud of this place I reckon.

I know my stomach was (even though I was thirsty as hell at the end).



Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 22, 2017

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3 replies

  1. Hong Kong is on short list of places to go!

  2. 😍😍😍 I loooove the look of those beef noodles. It’s a fave of mine too. The noodles looked small though, with that kind of beef I could probably do a kilo of noodles. 😀

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