Hong Kong


Lunch at Disney!

We were having so much fun that we almost forgot to eat lunch! That’s what happy places do to you.

So yeah we were sttttarrrvinggg and wanted to get table service (didn’t want to challenge the mainlanders for a table). Came across this restaurant called “Corner Cafe by Coca Cola”.

Coca Cola restaurant? Sure why not!

Unfortunately it was not that good….

Let me tell you why.

We sat down and immediately ordered two of their “signature” angus beef burgers.  Notice how I put ” ” around signature. Not sure what was so signature about it. Meat was dry, not a lot of toppings, overall an average burger.

But what was really stupid was the waiter told us it will be a 45 minute wait for the food.

The fuck? What takes 45 minutes to cook? Definitely not a burger. But because we were so hungry we totally missed that part and just said okay (too weak to fight back).

During our wait we kept complaining how dumb it was to wait for 45 minutes.

15 minutes later the burgers came.

I totally do not understand where the 45 minutes is coming from.

Are they just trying to put a buffer time in so customers don’t get pissed? Isn’t a 30 minute buffer time kind of ridiculous? Why you have to put me through an emotional roller coaster….

I probably won’t be coming back to the Hong Kong Disneyland anytime soon so…yeah… won’t come here probably…






Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 11, 2017


  1. Thanks for bringing me along to the trip to honk long Disney. It was worth the wait and read. Pretty funny read… Would love your feedback on my new short called peekaboo

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