A truly authentic taste of Lebanese dining is as much about generous, traditional service as it is the delicious cuisine.

Straight from the Al Nafoorah website. We were brought here by our local friends and mannn I want to say a big THANK YOU because I would not have been able to find this place.

Want a true taste of Lebanon Food? Go to Al Nafoorah!

Such a cool restaurant.

Why was this such a cool, awesome restaurant? Because the view is dammnnnn awesome!

We also sat outside because it was a breezy evening.  It was also after work so everyone was just relaxed and chilling.

Reminds me of the US / Canada. Sky scrapers, clear skies, breezy, chilling in a patio.



So good.

It’s located near the Jumeirah Emirates Towers so you know this place is fancy shmancy.

Again thank you to our local friends that brought us here. Experience not to be forgotten any time soon.

Man, I love Lebanese Food.

Because they give SO MUCH FOOD TO YOU.




There were so many side dishes, we were 80% full before the mains arrived.

And what were the main dishes? Explosion of meat.

Chicken, Lamb, Beef. You name it. It was all there. Gosh. Meat Heaven.

My favorite.

The name Al Nafoorah is derived from the Arabic word for ‘fountain’.

The secluded location of the restaurant makes it the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner, with the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s ever-changing skyline further enhancing your visit. 

Perfect name.

Meat Heaven.





Written from Dubai, Sheraton Grand on April 17 2017


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