Chinese food in Cuba……………….

Wow. Seriously, we are eating Chinese food in Cuba? Whyyyyyyy? Whyyyyy must we do that!?

Sigh..because one of us was craving chinese food…not going to point out who haha…but man come on! We are in cuba! Why are we eating chinese food?

Especially when the chinese food is going to be SHIT for sure??? Fml….but regardless…since I was nice I said okay let’s check out a chinese restaurant…called Tien Tan


Our meal………………….

Online it had pretty good reviews. I don’t know why….okay maybe I am being a snob though..I have high expectations of chinese food since I have been eating it since I was small…but we went in and ordered the following:

  • Mapo Tofu
  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • Some Veggie dish
  • Kung Pao Chicken (I believe)
Hot and Sour Soup….not so hot….
Ma Po Tofu…tofu tasted a bit sour…..
Vegetables….not bad….
Kung Pao Chicken!?

As you can tell from the pictures above…not the biggest fan of the food.  The tofu was extremely disappointing as was the hot and sour soup.  The chicken dish wasn’t too bad, vegetables was vegetables.

Will give this place an average rating.

Much love to the owner though, he said hi to us in mandarin. Guess this place is somewhat legit.

Cute stray cat

Cute Cat……………..

This cat is damn cute. Havana has so many cute stray cats..breaks my heart to see them wandering the streets but what can you do about it…feeding the cat was my favorite part of the meal.

Don’t eat chinese food if you are traveling overseas people!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 8, 2018


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