Super Mondays……………

Super mondays in Hong Kong is awesome! What is super mondays you ask? It’s a dining promotion that happens in Hong Kong every monday (no shit). REALLY GOOD DEALS at REALLY GOOD RESTAURANTS.

How do I know? Because me and my friends went to this kick ass, high end Argentinean steak house called Gaucho. I don’t think I have ever had had Argentinean steak (life boss disagrees) but I definitely had steak before and I LOVE STEAK!

Fancy Shmancy
Fancy setting

Expensive and high end……………

Yes this place looks damn expensive and high end. I felt like garbage, like I didn’t belong there. Especially when we busted out our Super Monday card haha, the waiter was probably thinking “these cheap assess can’t afford no damn steak here”.


For steak options you can choose lean, sirloin, rib eye, and rump. Think lean was the most expensive one so naturally the restaurant would not let us choose that one. So fuck you, I am going to go for the 300gram Sirloin steak.

Damn delicious
Juicy Juicy

Shit was so juicy. Was good in my opinion.

However, I still like the steaks in Porterhouse more. Thought some parts of the steak was a bit tough….but still not too shabby for Hong Kong steaks (usually steaks in HK are complete shit).

The sides

You can’t have good steak if you don’t order good sides right? We got mac and cheese, cream spinach and fries.

The mac and cheese was alright……was hoping for more cheese haha.

Fries were damn delicious, recommend you to try. spinach.

Apple Crumble

Lately I’ve had this habit of ordering dessert for dinner. Don’t know why. But this particular dining experience is no exception, got the apple crumble.

Fucking gooood.

Lovely friends

Not me and not my life boss.. Looking good though!

Dinner’s always good with fabulous friends!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on December 12, 2017


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