Wow Sharjah.

You have some really good food here. Didn’t expect it since you are not as glamorous as Dubai.

For lunch we were bored with our usual options and wanted to venture out so we ended up at this restaurant called Moulin D’Or. The name sounds french. What does Moulin mean? Per google:

A vertical or nearly vertical shaft in a glacier, formed by surface water percolating through a crack in the ice.

Um okay. This has nothing to do with food….Anyways we ordered chicken for lunch…

How was the chicken?




Chicken was damn juicy.

Loved every bite.

And the portions were just right. I didn’t feel like an anchor after the meal yet was satisfied aka didn’t have to buy a snack afterwards.

Although the reviews online was quite average, 3.7/5 stars per Zomato? I think for Sharjah standards 3.7 is like a fucking 7 star restaurant so I will take it.

On another note, the place did look empty when we got in.


I guess the people that work around the area tend to go home for lunch, if they live close by of course.

You can’t do a 2 hour commute and then eat lunch and then come back. That’s just stupid.

And people also tend to eat later here so yeah don’t let this deceive you.

I was told the falafel here is damn top notch. Might give it a go on our last day.

Am looking forward to it.

Get in my belly.




Written from Dubai, Sheraton Grand on April 19 2017


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