2018 Ponders


March 1 – I hate Guangzhou

March 3 – What a shitty dinner

March 6 – The train in China is not bad. But long as fuck. But then plane always delay…what is better…..

March 7 – great dinner in Shanghai’s Atto Primo..potentially the last meal ever in Shanghai?

March 10 – Romantic dinner at Grissini

March 12 – No more milk for me

March 13 – Fantasy playoff starts! Too bad I am not part of the playoffs…

March 14 – think I love gua sha

March 15 – Finished a whole bottle of Jameson…

March 18 – drank too much last few days

March 19 – I need to be more patient and calm!

March 21 – Weddings are expensive

March 22 – Got blamed for an IT issue

March 23 – Ate so much!!

March 24 – Congrats Nate!

March 27 – Travelers Diarrhea

March 28 – People say I lost a lot of weight?

March 30 – hectic journey to shantou!

March 31 – China so stressful….

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