2018 Ponders


May 1 – In Guangzhou! Also why is there bugs in my dam room

May 3 – Damn stomach

May 4 – Infinity wars so good!

May 5 – Love claypot dinners

May 6 – Fam dinners…

May 7 – Most awkward dinner ever…

May 8 – Lost my freedom

May 9 – In Chiang Mai!

May 10 – Non stop eating..

May 11 – Got a massage on my calves. First time in many years. I cannot walk right now.

May 12 – Last night in Chiang Mai =(

May 13 – I love Laos

May 14 – Have been eating too much the last few days…..

May 16 – Think I prefer Asia travel over Europe Travel

May 17 – ATV so fun

May 18 – Life boss tried to break my knees again. Tubing was fun but haha thunderstorm.

May 19 – That’s a wrap for Laos. I love Laos!

May 20 – Koh Samui so beautiful

May 22 – Checked out so many resorts in Koh Samui

May 25 – So busy with travels that I forgot my thoughts! In Mandalay right now!

May 27 – Its so hot in Bagan. Sitting naked in front of the AC and I am still sweating #tmi

May 28 – raining hard in inle lake!

May 29 – still raining hard in inle lake..

May 30 – stiff neck…

May 31 – deadpool 2 was awesome. and that’s a wrap for the trip!

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