Welcome to another episode of “Is this REALLY a good restaurant??”.

Choi likes to go to restaurants that are raved by these online “reviewers”, or even his asshole friends. He wants to verify if the high ratings are justified. He wants to give you the unfiltered version of the restaurant.

So when he was told about a restaurant called JinMi Shikdang that supposedly has one of the best Pro Soy Crabs in Korea, I was said “okay, I am skeptical but will give it a try.”

Spoiler – if Choi disagrees, he will add a ?? to the title. So you know where this post is going already. 

wow really

Why am I skeptical?

Because the first time I had soy crab was at Pro Soy Crab and I thought damn’ Nothing can be better than this!

And that’s when I knew I was in love.

With crabs.

Ok that came out wrong.

Anyhow, the crabs I had at Pro Soy Crab was one of the best crabs I have ever had.

So when people started telling me JinMi Shikdang is even better, that immediately got my attention.


How can anything be better than Pro Soy Crab? That’s like saying someone is better than Michael Jordan, it’s simply impossible! – If you say LeBron James is better then get the fuck out.

Needing to verify which place had better Soy Crab, I began my journey with Life Boss to JinMi Shikdang.

Side note – the quality of these pictures are shit as it was taken with my old iphone. It was before my sexy camera arrived so I apologize in advance for hurting your eyes!


I was told beforehand we need to make reservations.


That is incorrect.

You don’t need to make reservations.


Because this place was not packed at all.

Just walk in.

And that’s what we did. Walked in life a fucking boss, sat down and immediately ordered OUR SOY CRAB!



The food.

  • Let’s talk about the crabs. These were fresh as fuck, but there was not as much meat as compared to Pro Soy Crab. Life boss also mentioned it was a bit fishy. And finally, too much marination in my opinion. Killed the freshness of the crab. If I haven’t had Pro Soy Crab as a comparison, this would be super good. But too bad, since I did have it I was disappointed with this crab dish. So NOPE! This place does NOT have the best Soy Crabs in Seoul.  UntitledUntitledUntitled
  • Our side dishes were quite delicious, especially that damn egg! But sorry, I am not here for the side dishes. I am here for your soy crabs. So this doesn’t make you better than Pro Soy Crab.UntitledUntitled

To be fair, it’s not that bad.

It’s just that Pro Soy Crab set the bar really high. So per Choi’s ranking, this place is a distant second.

Going forward, Choi is only going to recommend Pro Soy Crab!

Side note – Life Boss took one of her socks off during the meal.


It’s life boss, what are you going to do about it? She doesnt give a fuck what you think!



To future Choi:

If you want to go to this place then look for this petrol station, and then turn right onto the alleyway.

You will find it.

But past Choi says to go to Pro Soy Crab instead.


Written from Seoul, Daelim Warehouse Cafe on March 26, 2017


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