We didn’t know where to eat in Bled.

Probably because we were lazy and didn’t do any research.

Tried to go to this first restaurant (forgot the name already) but it was all packed out.

Who knew Bled was so damn popular?

Who also knew when it rains in Bled, it POURS.

Since we were getting fucked royally by the rain we just randomly went to this indian restaurant called Okarina.


Sat down and was immediately told to wait 15 minutes before we can order.


Then after we ordered, the soups came after 30 minutes.


Man if you aren’t able to handle the influx of customers than you probably should have a re-look at your operations and process. Making customers wait is not a good thing.

Like what the fuck, You making me wait for food?

Your food better be damn good!

And was it good?


It was just average….

Here’s a recap of that average meal which we were forced to eat and wait for:

  • My friend ordered this big ass carby soup. Didn’t ask her what she thought of it but it didn’t look good I thought. Untitled
  • My French Onion soup. There was no flavour to this shit. Do I need to say more?Untitled
  • Life boss’ Daal soup. It was average at best per her. Take her word for it. She’s got pretty crazy taste buds. Untitled

Then came the main dishes which we shared together.

  • The salad was probably the best. It was very refreshing after a day of walking. Untitled
  • Lamb was meh. Untitled
  • Trout was life boss’ favorite. yeah it was fresh. But that was about it. It’s like a minimum requirement for fish to be fresh anyways so I wasn’t blown away. Untitled

You make me wait and you serve me average food.

Not impressed with you.

Not Impressed

Why do average restaurants make me wait for average food!?

Better yet, why am I even waiting in the first place?


Written from Toronto, Home on July 18, 2018

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